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DreamWorth's Cocker Spaniels

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Welcome to DreamWorth Cocker Spaniels! My name is Jennie and I own two beautiful Cocker Spaniels named Chloe & Sully.  They live in North Carolina with me as my family pets.  I do not breed my dogs, I figure there is enough dogs in the world that need homes and I don't need to help contribute. Although I do have a hard time resisiting those sweet cocker puppy faces! How could you not! Here is a little information about my Cocker Spaniels.
Chloe is a 6 year old buff colored Cocker. I rescued her when she was 1 year old from a family who could no longer care for her. She loves baby kittens and kissing my horses, she is such a love bug. Chloe has to be one of the sweetest cockers in the world and I couldn't imagine my life without her.
Sully is my 8 month old sable & white parti colored Cocker. I got him in June of 2003 from a breeder in Ohio. He is a pure joy, and somewhat of a goof ball. He loves squeaky toys and cuddling with me. Right now he is still going through his "puppy faze", but I am sure that will be over before I know it, until then I am going to enjoy his puppy antics that make me laugh!

Sully pictured at 8 months old.


Chloe in April of 2003.