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DreamWorth's Cocker Spaniels

Welcome to Sully's Page! Sully is my 8 month old Sable & White Parti colored Cocker Spaniel. He was born April 29, 2003. He was born in New Regiel, Ohio and I met his breeder in Tennesse to pick him up the following June. Since I had to drive all the way to the Tennesse Great Smokey Mountains to get Sully, his registered name came to be "D&R's Smoky Mountain Bandit". The bandit part in his name came from the patch over one eye, makes him look kind of like a bandit doesn't it? 
 I searched for almost two years for a good breeder with sable & white pups, but Sully was worth the wait. He was only 8 pounds the day I picked him up at 8 weeks old, but today he is a healthy 24 lb. boy. Even though he has grown, he is still very much a puppy. Sully still has all those puppy behaviors, such as chewing up any and everything he can get his paws on. Don't leave any paper lying around, it will be shedded for you in no time if you don't watch him. However, he is growing out of that now. He matures a little more every day and he has learned that cuddling in my lap is the best thing in the world! And kisses, this boy loves to show you how much he likes something by giving you lots of kisses.
Sully's favorite thing to do is play with his toys. He has his favorites, bascially anything with a squeaker in it. He will run around the house all day with a squeaker toy, the worst part is when he is following me from room to room, like cockers love to do, and squeak the toy to try to get my attention. Its funny, but it can be so annoying at times! Sully sure has a lot of personality, I couldn't ask for a goofier cocker!


Sully at 4 weeks old.

Sully playing in the leaves at 6 weeks old.

Sully at 8 weeks in my arms.

Sully pictured at 6 months.


Sully posing at 8 weeks.

Sully trying to sleep at 9 weeks old.

Sully looking at his "Twin".