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DreamWorth's Cocker Spaniels

Hi, Welcome to Chloe's page. Chloe is a 6 year old Buff colored Cocker Spaniel. She joined our family in April 1999 at the age of one year. She was a cocker that I rescued from a family who could no longer care for her. They had two small children and they were in the process of getting ready to relocate to another area and could take Chloe with them. Fortunitly enough I was in the process of looking for another cocker and heard about this family from a Cocker Spaniel breeder in my area, she said that if they didn't find a home for her soon their only option would be to take her to the pound, and I wasn't about to let that happen! After I took one look into that cocker face I knew she was mine! We hit it off right on the bat! Chloe is so sweet, she loves nothing more than to lay in my lap and take a nap. She hates toys, so her idea of exersice is following me all over the house and begging for food. Boy does this girl LOVE food! She does all kinds of tricks because training her with food rewards are so easy. She can sit, lay down, roll over, beg, shake, high-five, and her favorite... going around in circles three times fast on command. Chloe is such a smart girl.
She also loves other animals, especially baby animals. She loves our two cats, her favorite is Lacey, a Himalayn mix. Lacey will curl up with Chloe any day and take a nap! We used to have a Hamster in our family and Chloe just adored her! You could take the hamster out of its cage and Chloe would let it crawl all over her, it was really funny to watch! We also have horses, and Chloe loves them too. Her favorite horse is Charley because she will let Chloe give her kisses. Chloe is just an all-around love bug to anyone and anything.

Chloe and Friends

Chloe and "her" kitty Lacey

Chloe and "her" hamster, she would love on it all day!

Chloe kissing "her" horse Charley Girl.

Chloe's Other Pictures

Chloe doing the "Cocker Sprawl".

Chloe sporting her sunglasses.

Rub'a - Dub - Dub... Chloe's in the Tub!